Social Media Mania

Updated: Feb 19

With only twenty-three days until we set out on the Camino de Santiago, it's time to get a few social media tasks checked off the list. This adventure is SO BIG that capturing it in video, pictures, and words seems obligatory. You've already found the blog, but there's more!

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Warning - there's no content yet because it was just created a few moments ago. However, be sure to click the subscribe button so that you'll be notified whenever a new video is available!! We expect to have an introductory video up by the end of the weekend, but that's assuming I master editing by promises.

Stay tuned. Things are about to get really flippin' exciting.

Oh, did I mention that there will be a two-day layover in Paris on the way to St Jean Pied de Port? It'll be just enough time to recover from jet lag, stroll along the Seine, linger over breakfast at a quaint cafe, and indulge in some truly delicious wines. It wasn't planned but the airline had a glitch and well, it means being "stuck" in Paris for two days. Isn't that grand?


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